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Welcome to Catonsville Locksmith

Electronic locks, an innovative idea

With the advancement in science and technology new ideas are emerging every day. It has an obvious effect on the locksmith industry as well. Catonsville locksmith  is a pioneer in the industry to introduce the concept of electronic locks. Catonsville locksmith has a team of highly skilled professionals who strive to bring you the best services as compared to others. Catonsville locksmith knows that you love your house and business and so do we. Catonsville locksmith is a certified company with all of its employees qualified from ALOA (associated locksmiths of America) and SAVTA (safe and vault technicians association). Catonsville locksmith never compromises on quality and customer satisfaction. With a customer centric approach we aim at bringing you the innovative ideas and products in the field of Locksmithing. Catonsville locksmith is also a manufacturer of electronic deadbolts, Keypads and biometric system.


Catonsville locksmith deals in simple lock systems as well. Catonsville locksmith sole focus is to provide you with the best security and peace of mind of being protected. Choosing us will never waste your time as Catonsville locksmith knows your needs and always try to come up to your expectations.Some of the advantages of electronic locks as identified by Catonsville locksmith are asunder.

Never worry as you will not lose your keys:Catonsville locksmith provides with the advantage of non-key able electronic locks. Now there is no worry to keep your keys safe and secure as you will never lose them. Catonsville locksmith specializes in the field of keyless security systems so that there is no hassle of  misplacing of keys. Catonsville locksmith has a central database where we store all of the information of the keys Catonsville locksmith issued which means that whenever you miss the combination or code just give us a call and Catonsville locksmith will be there to help you.

Reduction in restoration time:Catonsville locksmith has all its locks specially designed to make sure that you never wait too long to get the issue fixed. Catonsville locksmith  knows that it is very hard for you to wait till the lock gets repaired so to reduce the wait time Catonsville locksmith fixes the issue with the help of electronic tools and equipment to make sure that you don’t wait at all.

One key to all locks: Catonsville locksmith is a pioneer in introducing the concept of single key access.  With the help of single key/code access you need to keep safe only one key and need to remember only one code. Catonsville locksmith makes sure that there is no chance of forgetting the combination of one door as all your doors are interconnected as well.

Complete history: With the help of audit trail feature Catonsville locksmith gives you complete control to monitor the activities being performed against the locks we have installed. Catonsville Locksmith assures to maintain the log files so that incase of any misadventure the culprit could be captured easily. All this is not possible without electronic locks.


Customized security:Catonsville locksmith has also introduced the concept of customized security system for each household. Catonsville locksmith professionals visit the premises to find out what is the actual need. Catonsville locksmith has customized electronic locks that can be changed as per you demand and need.


About Catonsville Locksmith
Catonsville Locksmith has remarkable knowledge in delivering dynamic alternatives , which reflects the security needs of the prospect . Cost Efficient LocksmithING- We are very pleased to offer property Locksmith services , preventing worst case circumstances where you were out in the frosty climate when the whole world rests . Open 24 / 7, Catonsville Locksmiths are attuned to any situation that may show up , rendering immediate assistance whatever be the a period of time of the day . Our people will competently summarize possible essential restoration specifics that's in your thoughts and supply a rapid response to your home protection demands to customers around CatonsvilleAll personnel are Bonded and guaranteed.